About Us

Compassion, hope & restoration in times of need

Serving the Southeast Wisconsin & Northeast Illinois areas

A volunteer, non-profit organization with a driving passion to prepare and provide for disaster response and restoration to the community.


Formed in the fall of 2017 as a result of the response effort after a severe flooding event in Burlington, WI.

Through debrief and subsequent meetings, we assessed the need and identified the gaps.

Formed a group to mobilize trained, credentialed volunteers to provide support and build a community network, who work together toward a shared vision of meeting people where they are in times of need.

Began connecting with government agencies, community organizations, church and civic groups to utilize existing resource and partnerships.


• The Journey Disaster Response Team (DRT) is a faith-based volunteer serving organization. Our goal is to Recruit, Train and Deploy a team of volunteers who can use their skills and talents to serve the community in times of need.

• To share God’s love and grace.

• To identify and serve those in need.

• To prepare the community for disasters through education and awareness.

• To serve with other churches, local groups, and organizations to build relationships and networks to efficiently and effectively respond to disasters.

• To utilize tools and resources to care for the physical and spiritual needs of those we serve


Disaster Services

Educate, Prepare, Respond and Restore – Helping families and our community before, during and after a disaster – Local and National Deployments

Incident Response/Support

Supporting local emergency responders and families needing assistance during an emergency.

Emergency Food Supply

Helping to solve food insecurity by bringing food and other supplies into underserved neighborhoods