The Journey Disaster Response Team (DRT) is a serving ministry.  Our goal is to Recruit, Train and Deploy a team of volunteers who can use their skills and talents to serve the community in times of need.


To share God’s love and grace.

To identify and serve those in need.

To prepare the community for disasters through education and awareness.

To serve with other churches, local groups, and organizations to build relationships and networks to efficiently and effectively respond to disasters.

Our volunteers are organized in 3 areas of operations:

  1. Disaster Response Operations.  This includes:
    • Disaster and emergency preparation
    • Response, recovery and support services
    • Volunteer training
  2. Food Operations.  This includes:
    • Distribution of donated food items to the communities we serve
    • Mobile Food operation (recurring and scheduled pantries in the same location)
    • Pop-Up Food operation (location varies on need and quantities of food are typically larger)
    • Deliveries/Pickups- Supplying food to local agencies and partner organizations
    • PantryDash- an in-person delivery service for those who do not have access to food
    • We are pleased to announce our relocation to our 5000 ft/sq warehouse located in central Kenosha County, WI
  3. Compassion Operations.  This includes:
    • Ministry outreach events to our church family and community
    • Emergency food for those in our church family and community
    • Support for families within our church through referrals via Caring Families Ministry



  • Emergency Preparation classes
    • Home
    • Neighborhood
    • Business
  • Personal Preparedness
    • Situational awareness
  • Flood Clean-up Kits


  • Debris Removal
  • Flood support
  • Local Emergencies
  • Emergency Food Supply and Distribution to the community
  • Small and Large scale support
  • Local and regional
  • Specialized Deployment Teams


  • Help getting back into your home
  • Support after an emergency
  • Partner referral network