What is a Partner?

The DRT exists to offer hope to people in need. We can do this through partnerships with various community agencies, groups and organizations. Our partners provide the base of contacts and resources which we in turn use to fill gaps and provide help and hope to people during these difficult times.

Partnerships are strategic in nature and are formed using agreed-upon a mutually beneficial plan. Each partnership is unique so we can help support the mission of the DRT as well as our partner by working and serving together to improve the community. Our partners enable us to bring these resources into the community and without these relationships it would be impossible for us to achieve our mission. We are grateful for all of our Partners.

The DRT provides several resources to enable the creation, planning and execution of community events and it is here where the partnership can add value to address specific needs in the community. Meetings between DRT and each partner organization is scheduled on a frequent basis so we can keep in close contact with emerging needs and provide support.

If you are interested in becoming a Partner with the DRT, we would love to sit down with you and have a conversation. Please fill out the form below and we will get in contact with you.

What is a Sponsor?

As we continue to meet the growing needs of our region, this increases our need for additional supplies, equipment and general operating expense.

Sponsors play a critical role in providing support for the DRT in a variety of ways which help offset expenses. We have developed a Sponsorship Program which enables a Sponsoring business, individual or organization the opportunity to receive a variety of promotional options in exchange for their monetary or in-kind support.

The DRT continues to be very active and visible in the Racine, Kenosha and Walworth area and our regional and State-wide exposure can be an important piece of a Sponsorship marketing and promotional plan increasing visibility for your business or corporation and sending a positive message of your involvement in the community.

Please fill out the form below to find out more about our Sponsorship Program and how you can get more information.

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Partner or Sponsor.